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‘Your Body is a Reflection of Your Lifestyle”

THE CONCEPT OF a Meta-Age midlife body reboot challenges the prevailing belief that weight gain inevitably accompanies ageing due to a slowing metabolism. Ignoring these long-held beliefs makes you part of a movement seeking a healthier lifestyle.

Contrary to popular opinion, the expansion of waistlines during middle age is not solely attributable to metabolic slowdown. Instead, it is primarily influenced by our lifestyle choices and daily decisions. Understanding this challenges prevailing beliefs and sets you on a personal growth and empowerment journey. This journey enables you to make the necessary changes and lead a healthier, longer life.

Increased meal sizes, evening indulgences, and sedentary behaviours significantly contribute to midlife weight gain, surpassing metabolic decline in importance.

Physiological changes, such as decreased oestrogen and testosterone levels and decreased physical activity due to lifestyle changes, play substantial roles in midlife weight gain. Hormonal decline leads to muscle loss, reduced activity contributes to muscle atrophy, and dietary changes can result in fat accumulation.

Two specific Meta-Age midlife fitness programs, JUMPGA and KUN-AQUA, are unparalleled. These programs offer more than just exercises; they provide a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health. With these low-impact programs, you can increase muscle mass, improve posture, relieve joint pain, and boost metabolism, giving you the confidence to take charge of your fitness journey.

Combined with strategic meal and exercise timing, they enhance calorie burn and optimise metabolism, presenting a comprehensive solution to your fitness goal.


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