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“I’m now thinking about posture, balance, and mobility. Youthfulness is in movement and poise.”

Phil Hilton The Times

The Midlife Guide

Meta-Age is not just another health product or service. It’s a ‘Movement’ for every midlife consumer of beauty products, health foods, and supplements who shares a common aspiration: the HOPE to live a healthier, longer life—Meta-Age, not old age.


Unlocking Longevity: How Meta-Age is redefining Midlife and Beyond


Meta-Ager, Not Saga Ager 

WHILE NEWSPAPERS OFFER a broad spectrum, they need more space to fully cover the topic of midlife. In contrast, social media has flooded us with fitness influencers who prioritise aesthetics over health, leaving midlifers aged 45 to 64 with a superficial understanding of fitness. 

From June 2024 Edition

It is where the ‘Meta-Ager’ supplement steps in. Nobody wants to be reminded that they’ve reached the ‘Saga’ age (Old). We are the 2.7%, a movement focused solely on the HOPE that drives youthful midlife. Our member’s monthly supplement offers actionable advice that empowers you to age with vitality because it’s what we do best.


A Vital Resource for Individuals 40+


Meta-Age Fitness Foundation videos

ALL FORMS OF training boil down to discovering what exercise works best for you. Our site provides members with foundational fitness videos that reflect this philosophy. Whether you prefer high-intensity workouts, gentle yoga flows, Pilates, gym or anything in between, we have something that will appeal to your needs and preferences.


Build Muscle for Weight Loss at Any Age


Super6 Children’s Challenge

EDUCATING FUTURE generations: On April 23, 2024, the Meta-Age Super6 Challenge emerged as a unique and successful initiative, a shining example of our dedication to enhancing children’s fitness. The Super6 Kids challenge was a resounding triumph, with over 30,000 children actively engaging in six manageable exercises daily, significantly improving their fitness levels.


Building Strong Children – Better than Fixing Broken Adults




READY TO JOIN the Meta-Age movement? A unique approach born from experience, knowledge, and wisdom. The Meta-Age book trilogy (free to members) catalyses a transformative midlife journey. The first book, 20-21, emphasises the discipline of regular exercise. The second, Lone Wolf, introduces becoming a ‘Super-Ager’—biologically younger than your chronological age. The final book, Meta-Age, reached Number 1 on the Amazon Fitness best-seller list. It named the midlife fitness landscape and introduced this online platform for a healthy midlife rather than living a decrepit old age.


“META” originates from Greek, meaning “beyond,” suggesting transformative change. “META-AGE” transforms traditional views on ageing towards a healthier, longer life.

Supporters of meta-age 

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