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‘Meta-Age is like a toolkit —to help you navigate midlife fitness.’

The Midlife A-Z

MIDLIFERS FALL INTO two main groups: those deemed ‘young for their age’ (Meta-Agers), who embody positivity, growth, and engagement, and the ‘old for their age’, who tend towards pessimism and resistance to change.

Additionally, the ‘young for their age’ can be subdivided into three categories based on exercise habits:

• consistent exercisers;

• those who resumed after a hiatus;

• those who have never exercised.

This classification highlights the potential for positive change among ‘Meta-Agers’ and underscores the diverse range of experiences and perspectives within the midlife demographic.

The Midlife Brand 

META-AGE is a toolkit that revolutionises the fitness landscape for midlifers, infusing it with purpose and equipping individuals to thrive. We redefine ageing as a time of vitality and growth by attending to midlifers’ needs. Our mission is to overturn the 40% risk of debilitating ailments, reinstating quality of life and nurturing holistic well-being. We have a unique perspective on exercise and mindfulness for people of a certain age—and it’s not confined to the four walls of a gym or yoga studio.

Meta-Age Fitness

According to a study published in the Journal of Obesity, 95% of midlife dieters put the weight back on within a year. This is because at least 25% of the weight lost will be muscle tissue, which slows your resting metabolism.

Meta-Age’s philosophy is not just about weight loss. It’s an approach that speaks directly to you and acknowledges your specific journey. We also offer two programs explicitly designed for midlifers – Kun-Aqua and Jumpga.

These programs are tailored to your age group and focus on building lean muscle mass, boosting your metabolism, and improving overall fitness, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts because you should no longer train like a 20-year-old.

Super6 Children’s Challenge

ALMOST A THIRD of UK adults are physically inactive, and projections indicate exponential growth by 2030. Super6 exercise is the foundation of teaching children – Meta-Age means good health.

More Than the Name

MEMBERS BELIEVE in Meta-Age and what it represents because it has a meaningful impact that shapes their purpose and significance.

“META” originates from Greek, meaning “beyond,” suggesting transformative change. “META-AGE” transforms traditional views on ageing towards a healthier, longer life.

The minimalist logo features the name enclosed in a divided elliptical circle. It highlights a Ying and Yang philosophy of individuals’ diverse life paths despite having similar opportunities. Some people opt for upward trajectories, striving for growth and success, while others may follow a downward path to ill health and failure.

Good health is black and white: a balanced diet, exercise, and sleep, or anxiety, poor health, and chronic old age.


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