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‘Meta-Age challenges do them to have fun and be fit, not just lose weight!’

OFFICE LIFESTYLE contributes to 90,000 deaths a year, with 37 per cent of men and 45 per cent of women spending less than 30 minutes each day away from their screens at work.

The study by Cambridge University underscores Britain’s significant weight issue, a complex challenge with no easy solutions. Encouraging businesses and their employees to prioritise physical health faces resistance amid pervasive apathy.

Yet, proactive efforts are crucial in promoting wellness initiatives, such as our Wellness Challenges, designed to engage and support employees in achieving lasting fitness. The Meta-Age initiatives adopted by NHS NW London highlight the importance of workplace activity and healthier lifestyle choices.

By fostering camaraderie through fun challenges, we can inspire individuals to embrace and sustain healthy habits, ultimately contributing to a healthier workforce and society.

WHAT DO David Lloyd, Nuffield Health, Virgin Active and Shredquarters have in common? They all agree that the Push-Up and Squat test can help determine your physical fitness and strength.

Last year, Instagram was on fire, with nearly 3,000 members of Shredquarters gyms participating in the summer Push Up and Squat 21-Day Challenge.

The Push-Up and Squat fitness challenge extends beyond mere physical activity, embodying principles of accountability and discipline. Participants commit to the regimen even on challenging days, bolstered by a sense of shared responsibility with fellow challengers.

This dedication fosters a sense of purpose and accomplishment, boosting both mental fortitude and physical well-being. Mentally, it empowers individuals to overcome inertia and push through resistance, cultivating resilience and determination.

Physically, these exercises offer comprehensive benefits, improving posture, confidence, muscle tone, mobility, and flexibility. The challenge becomes a transformative journey, instilling not just fitness but also a mindset of growth and empowerment.

Push Up & Squat Guidelines


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