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‘Meta-Age challenges do them to have fun and be fit, not just lose weight!’


SIT-TO STAND without using your hands for support is more complex than it sounds. Using your hands to stand up leads to poor habits and issues like back pain and reduced mobility. By not using your hands, you focus on technique and posture to strengthen muscles and improve health.

Just to remind you, this isn’t about a quick fix. It’s about a long-term solution that can transform your health. By treating standing and sitting as opportunities for mindful movement and exercise, we can gradually rectify poor habits and pave the way for a healthier future.


It’s a worrying trend. Research reveals that eleven-year-olds engage in over an hour less physical activity per week than their six-year-old counterparts. This decline is even more pronounced in some regions across the UK, where children spend a mere 7.7% of their school time being active. This should be a wake-up call for parents and educators, urging us to do more to promote physical activity among our children.

Super6—six doable one-minute exercises can help children process what is happening now, clear their minds, and return to developing their use of verbal language. We aim for Super6 to be mandatory from Year 6 to influence future generations of children in secondary and senior schools.

META-AGE 21-Day Challenge

Last year, Instagram was on fire, with nearly 3,000 members of Shredquarters gyms participating in the summer Push Up and Squat 21-Day Challenge.

The Push-Up and Squat fitness challenge extends beyond physical activity, embodying principles of accountability and discipline. Participants commit to the regimen even on challenging days, bolstered by shared responsibility with fellow challengers.

META-AGE Gym Challenge

THE FIRST META-AGE CHALLENGE on National Fitness Day 2021 was a significant event that set the stage for future collaborations and community-driven fitness events. It saw the giants of the fitness industry, David Lloyd Gym and Nuffield Health, face off against the local football team West Fulham FC and a team of over 50 called Super-A. Despite the competitive spirit, the event was driven by a noble cause: fostering community spirit and offering free gym entry to residents. This convergence of fitness enthusiasts celebrated camaraderie and unity, paving the way for more such inspiring events in the future. 


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