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‘The book that started a Midlife Social Movement – because, without health, there is no wealth.’

IN 2023, Meta-Age reached Number 1 on the Amazon best-seller list. It gave a name to the midlife fitness landscape and delivered a clear message to midlifers who were too embarrassed to join a gym, and thought that they were past getting fit.

It is the final book in the trilogy, and marks a midlife transitional period between young adulthood and old age.

Midlife is when people experience dramatic changes in their relationships, job, health, and looks. It is precisely the right stage to reassess one’s life and to explore new experiences and opportunities.

In this age of longevity, more people want to get and to stay fitter, and Meta-Age offers that chance.

The body may not work well on the runs, but it will still do amazing things when you learn new exercise methods.

All health and fitness roads lead to Meta-Age – to the self-awareness of physical, mental, and social expectations beyond midlife. The book can be purchased, or members can download it for free.


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