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‘This isn’t about age but unlocking your body’s potential’

META-AGE – a movement that uses exercise as a metaphor for a midlife transition toward becoming a robust Meta-Ager to avoid irrelevance, chronic ageing and low self-esteem that stifles sexual fulfilment. Sharing three underlying principles for physical, mental, and social well-being:

COHERENCE: Midlife is a stage when life starts to make more sense.

  • When you find yourself, you will find a movement, an attitude, a belief that will permeate who you become.

PURPOSE: You have done things for everyone else – now, it is your time.

  • Your health is invaluable because you can’t pour from an empty cup. Now is the time to engage in activities and lifestyles that benefit your long-term health.

SIGNIFICANCE: Inherent physical and mental values enrich a life worth living.

  • Significance is defined before it is achieved, driven by personal values that cannot be purchased. Every Meta-Ager aspires to significance- ‘Move your body and live your best life’.

THE FOUR META-AGE lifestyle fitness criteria are based on scientific research:

• Being a non-smoker
• Having a recommended body fat percentage
• Having a good diet.
Doing moderate to vigorous physical activity at least 150 minutes per week.

Joining the Meta-Age movement means rewriting your lifestyle commitments. It’s aspirational and not about trying to achieve a six-pack. We see health as the ultimate currency that empowers and epitomises the importance of living a healthier, longer life.

Our online meet-up groups are more than just a place to discuss midlife. They are a haven, a space where no topic is off-limits. From the challenges of ageing to matters of sexual performance and fitness, we cover everything. 

Here, members openly share their experiences, seek support, and foster a sense of community as we navigate this significant stage of life together.


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