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‘If you have to ask why I built a midlife fitness movement, you will never understand why.’

MY JOURNEY IS marked by notable achievements, including publishing three books, winning a Businessman of the Year award, and training world champion athletes.

At 66, I have slowed my ageing and achieved my midlife goal of maintaining an excellent testosterone level and lean body mass (9-10% body fat). I don’t run, lift weights, or do sit-ups. I have injured every major joint and had several invasive surgeries; sometimes, I’m barely able to walk.

A healthy lifestyle demands hard work and discipline, countering the adverse effects of ageing. Negative thinking and lack of confidence often hinder progress. However, with mental and physical discipline, lasting change is achievable.

Once discipline is cultivated, transformations occur across physical appearance, mindset, emotions, and communication. The Meta-Age lifestyle offers a pathway to permanent change, enhancing overall well-being.

Finally, paraphrasing the Star Trek show Meta-Age is my final frontier to go where few have before! It has cost me mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Would I do it again – hell, yes. You can only understand life backwards, but it must be lived forward. I will run like the wildebeest to the end, extending midlife and shortening old age.

1-Day Meta-Age Program

NO ENDLESS PERSONAL training sessions; one day is all you need for a renewed midlife transformation. As you embark on this journey, envision a future where you’re not just living but a thriving Meta-Ager, embodying strength, clarity, and purpose.

The Meta-Age Journey: Your body will be leaner, fitter, and stronger than ever in just a year. The Meta-Age journey isn’t just about physical fitness; it’s about transforming how you look, sound, feel, and communicate. 

On the Day: Arrive at the arranged venue at 8:30, ready to dive into the first session of thel day. Avoid food for two hours before arrival, but feel free to hydrate. Bring your swimming trunks and gym attire for the afternoon session.


Kun-Aqua Session (8:30 – 10:30): Time to immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of water as you embark on a two-hour Kun-Aqua session. This unique experience will introduce you to fluid movements and assess your posture, gait, and habits. 

Break (11- 12): Breakout, a moment to rejuvenate with a refreshing Protein smoothie and recharge for the session ahead. 

Q&A Consultation (12:30 – 2:30): A time of reflection and redefinition. Together, we’ll explore your goals, aspirations, and concerns, laying the groundwork for a personalised workout tailored to your needs.


Jumpga Session (3 – 4:30): Experience the exhilarating fusion of rebounding and yoga in a two-hour Jumpga session. Challenge yourself to new heights as you engage all 656 muscles, promoting cardio health, balance, strength, mobility, and flexibility. With Jumpga, you’ll defy gravity and embrace a future of boundless possibilities.

To End: As the day draws closer, your journey doesn’t end here—it’s just beginning. Expect a follow-up email with training techniques to guide you on becoming a Meta-Ager. Consider scheduling a video call for a progress review and stay and commitment.


In Conclusion: The day marks the first step towards a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant you. Embrace the Meta-Age lifestyle and unlock your full potential. With dedication and focus, you’ll achieve life-changing improvements and emerge as the best version of yourself—a true Meta-Ager.



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