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Yoga Asana

‘Yoga is a holistic practice from India that integrates physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and ethical guidelines for living’

20-21 Yoga Sequence

THE FOLLOWING YOGA sequence comes from the book 20-21, which uses Yoga as a metaphor for change. The underlying philosophy of the book and its structure was that instead of starting with wild expectations and putting too much pressure on yourself. Stop to see that you’re making progress through Asana; that will make the most significant impact mentally and physically moving forward.

Intermediate Yoga with Valentina

‘Having a strong core is fundamental in intermediate yoga practice. This is the most important physical difference between a beginner and intermediate yoga practice, as shown here. The core is essential, as layers of muscles protect your abdominals.’

Ashtanga Yoga with Mark

Ashtanga is not the easiest yoga practice. Some people would call it a 90-minute full-body workout if the full primary series is practised. It can be intimidating seeing others in yet unachievable poses, and sometimes, a modification seems already the hardest thing ever.

Free Flow Yoga with Violet

Violets’ free-flow yoga is not for the faint-hearted yoga practitioner – proper alignment and connecting your mind and your body – is perfect for decades-long practitioners.


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