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“Building strong children is better than fixing broken adults.”

WE FACE AN irreversible obesity epidemic; Super6 is about social responsibility. In the sixties, obesity was 1% and 2%, respectively, in men and women. By 2030, that number is predicted to be 43% and 45%, respectively.

Thousands of children have already signed up for our Super6 challenge this year on 23rd April 2024, and the numbers are still growing.

Research shows that eleven-year-olds undertake over an hour less of physical activity per week than their six-year-old counterparts. The situation worsens in some regions across the UK, where children spend only 7.7% of their school time active.

In 2019, Leeds became the first UK city to lower its childhood obesity rate. It proved that children could and do outgrow obesity. Their success focused on early intervention for children under five.

Super6—six doable one-minute exercises can help children process what is happening now, clear their minds, and return to developing their use of verbal language. We aim for Super6 to be mandatory from Year 6 to influence future generations of children in secondary and senior schools.

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