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THE UK IS switching on to Sophrology and I spoke to a leading practitioner, Dominique Antiglio, to find out more.Me:        Dominique, what is Sophrology?DA:         Sophrology is a mental wellbeing practice.  It is a combination of relaxation, breathing, visualisation and movement exercise designed to tap into the unlimited resource of consciousness to empower you in your everyday life.   In other words, it is the science of consciousness in harmony.Me:        Where has

I WOKE WITH a bump. The concussion from the huge mortar bomb ripped through the hot, quiet, night air with an almost visible compression and was followed a split second later by a raw vicious ‘boom’.  I rolled off the bed through the mosquito net, collecting my carbine, helmet and body-armour and crawled across dusty tiles to the absurd cover of my makeshift desk three metres away. The steel door hung drunkenly

I AM STANDING my bathroom with a towel plugging the gap under the door, while I tentatively yell into a pillow, eventually building up the confidence to belt out a scream at the top of my lungs.Aside from hoping the neighbours don’t call the police, I’m trying to find out whether screaming has any benefits for relieving lockdown stress. Ever felt so annoyed that you just want to just shout

OVER THE YEARS, the dieting and weight management industries have grown in popularity. The global Weight Loss and Weight Management market was valued at around USD 224.27 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 405.4 billion by 2030.With this growing popularity, the categories of products and services available to a typical dieter for weight loss have also increased. However, the story of Oprah Winfrey stepping down from the


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